Keto Diet – A Low Carb High Fat Diet in Crary Mills, New York

  • The Keto diet, which is additionally known as the ketogenic diet plan in Crary Mills, New York, is a reduced carb, high-fat diet plan that has gained appeal over the last few years. This diet plan can be utilized by anyone who wishes to lose weight and also boost their health.What is a learn to eat a keto diet.Take a look at the Sublime Keto Cookbook.

body when the liver breaks down fats for power and also the body starts to burn stored body fat. The primary advantage of this diet is that it creates your body to shed fat also if you don’t work out. When your body starts to melt fat, you will have a lot more energy and also feel far better than you did before beginning the diet.How does a

Keto Diet Work?When you begin a

Keto diet, you need to very first learn how to prepare. You ought to make certain that all the recipes you use are keto friendly. It is necessary that you learn exactly how to cook with fat due to the fact that you will not obtain sufficient calories from carbohydrates.You need to always have some fat in your meal. Fat helps you take in the nutrients

in your food. It also makes you really feel complete longer. When you begin a Keto diet you need to eat foods which contain healthy and balanced fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, ghee, lard as well as bacon fat.What Foods Should I Eat on a Keto Diet?It is really essential that you steer clear of from sugar, grains, beans, starches,

alcohol as well as processed foods. These are all bad for your body and also they trigger your body to store fat. Your body will certainly shed fat only when there are no carbohydrates left.Fruits and veggies benefit your body as well as they will certainly help you obtain all the nutrients that you need. Some vegetables and fruits are excellent resources of fiber

, antioxidants and vitamins. Fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries as well as cherries benefit your body because they are rich in vitamin C. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes are fantastic resources of fiber and vitamins.Foods to Avoid on a Keto Diet If you wish to lose weight, you ought to stay clear of all foods that contain sugar, grains, legumes and starches. These foods are all bad for your body.

They trigger your body to save fat

and also they trigger your blood glucose to rise.You should likewise prevent refined foods since these are made with components that are harmful for your body. These include hydrogenated oils, sugars, salt and also preservatives.

[ keyword] Can Assist You Lose Weight right here in Crary Mills, New York If you comply with a Keto diet, you will locate that you lose weight

  • easily and also you will certainly feel better. You will also observe that you will have extra power and also you will certainly have the ability to work out much more.

Ketosis is a state of the body when the liver breaks down fats for power and also the body starts to shed saved body fat. The main advantage of this diet regimen is that it creates your body to burn fat also if you don’t exercise. These are all bad for your body as well as they cause your body to shop fat. Your body will melt fat just when there are no carbohydrates left.Fruits and also vegetables are great for your body and they will assist you obtain all the nutrients that you need. They create your body to save fat as well as they create your blood sugar to rise.You must additionally prevent refined foods because these are made with ingredients that are harmful for your body. Go to the Fat Burning Kitchen for the full story.


How To Lose Weight – Losing Weight Fast in Kentucky

  • In this article, I’m going to talk about exactly how to slim down. There are several ways to lose weight. A few of them are less complicated than others. If you wish to lose weight fast, there are some points that you require to understand. To begin with, you have to comprehend why you wish to lose weight. Is it because you’re obese and also you wish to feel much better about on your own? Or is it because you want to look much better for an approaching occasion? Whatever your reason is, make certain that you understand what it is prior to you start to attempt to reduce weight. You can not just head out and begin trying to lose weight without knowing why you intend to do it.There are

many different diet plans that you can adhere to in order to reduce weight. The very best aspect of these diet plans is that they will assist you reduce weight quick. These diet regimens are normally based on the suggestion of eating much less calories than you typically would eat. When you consume much less calories than you normally would, you shed more calories than you consume. This implies that you can slim down by eating much less calories.If you intend to

reduce weight swiftly, you need to want to consume much less food. Lots of people think that if they consume less food, after that they will immediately slim down. This isn’t true. In order to reduce weight, you need to burn even more calories than you consume each day. This is how you reduce weight. You need to eat much less food than you usually would, however you additionally have to melt even more calories than the quantity of food that you eat.The most convenient way to melt even more calories than you normally would is to work out. This is where most weight reduction programs fail. They tell you that all you have to do is workout and also you’ll reduce weight. Exercise is fantastic, yet you have to do it right. The trouble with a lot of these diet regimen plans is that they don’t tell you just how to work out correctly. That’s why many people do not lose any type of weight.The excellent news is that there are now programs that show you exactly how to exercise effectively. They inform you specifically what to

do as well as exactly how to do it. This makes losing weight much easier. It takes a lot of discipline to stick with these programs. The majority of people will not stick with them enough time to see any type of outcomes. The programs are designed to help you drop weight fast. When you obtain used to the program, you’ll have the ability to slim down swiftly.


How To Lose Weight – Losing Weight Fast in South Carolina

  • In this post, I’m going to discuss how to reduce weight. There are several ways to lose weight. Some of them are less complicated than others. If you intend to slim down fast, there are some things that you need to know. First off, you have to comprehend why you wish to lose weight. Is it since you’re obese as well as you wish to feel better concerning yourself? Or is it due to the fact that you want to look far better for an upcoming occasion? Whatever your factor is, see to it that you know what it is prior to you start to attempt to lose weight. You can’t just go out as well as start trying to reduce weight without recognizing why you intend to do it.There are

many different diet regimens that you can follow in order to lose weight. The very best aspect of these diet plans is that they will help you lose weight fast. These diets are usually based on the concept of consuming much less calories than you generally would eat. When you consume less calories than you generally would, you burn much more calories than you eat. This implies that you can drop weight by consuming less calories.If you want to

drop weight promptly, you need to agree to eat much less food. Lots of people believe that if they consume much less food, after that they will immediately reduce weight. This isn’t true. In order to lose weight, you need to shed even more calories than you consume daily. This is just how you lose weight. You have to eat much less food than you typically would, yet you likewise have to burn more calories than the quantity of food that you eat.The most convenient means to melt more calories than you normally would is to exercise. This is where most fat burning programs fail. They inform you that all you need to do is workout and you’ll drop weight. Workout is excellent, however you have to do it right. The problem with a lot of these diet regimen strategies is that they don’t tell you just how to exercise correctly. That’s why most people do not shed any weight.The good information is that there are now programs that teach you exactly how to exercise properly. They inform you specifically what to

do as well as how to do it. This makes dropping weight much easier. It takes a lot of discipline to stick with these programs. The majority of people will not stick with them enough time to see any type of results. The programs are designed to help you slim down fast. When you obtain used to the program, you’ll have the ability to reduce weight promptly.


How To Lose Weight – Losing Weight Fast in North Carolina

  • In this post, I’m going to talk about just how to slim down. There are several methods to drop weight. Some of them are much easier than others. If you want to slim down fast, there are some things that you require to recognize. First off, you have to understand why you wish to drop weight. Is it because you’re obese and also you want to feel much better concerning yourself? Or is it since you intend to look better for an approaching event? Whatever your factor is, make certain that you recognize what it is prior to you start to try to slim down. You can not just head out and also start attempting to drop weight without understanding why you want to do it.There are

several diets that you can comply with in order to drop weight. The best aspect of these diets is that they will help you reduce weight quickly. These diets are generally based upon the concept of eating much less calories than you usually would consume. When you consume much less calories than you generally would, you shed a lot more calories than you consume. This means that you can drop weight by consuming much less calories.If you intend to

reduce weight promptly, you need to agree to consume much less food. Lots of people think that if they consume much less food, then they will instantly lose weight. This isn’t true. In order to lose weight, you have to burn even more calories than you consume each day. This is exactly how you drop weight. You have to consume much less food than you normally would, however you additionally have to shed more calories than the amount of food that you eat.The simplest method to shed more calories than you usually would is to work out. This is where most weight loss programs stop working. They inform you that all you have to do is workout and you’ll slim down. Exercise is fantastic, however you have to do it right. The trouble with a lot of these diet plan strategies is that they don’t tell you just how to exercise appropriately. That’s why lots of people don’t lose any weight.The excellent information is that there are currently programs that educate you just how to exercise appropriately. They tell you exactly what to

do as well as just how to do it. This makes losing weight much easier. It takes a lot of technique to stick to these programs. Lots of people will not stick to them enough time to see any type of outcomes. The programs are made to assist you reduce weight quick. As soon as you obtain utilized to the program, you’ll be able to drop weight swiftly.


How To Lose Weight – Losing Weight Fast in West Virginia

  • In this short article, I’m going to discuss just how to slim down. There are several means to lose weight. Some of them are easier than others. If you wish to drop weight fast, there are some points that you require to recognize. To begin with, you have to comprehend why you wish to reduce weight. Is it since you’re overweight and you intend to really feel better concerning yourself? Or is it due to the fact that you wish to look better for a future occasion? Whatever your reason is, make sure that you recognize what it is before you begin to attempt to drop weight. You can not just go out and begin trying to slim down without knowing why you intend to do it.There are

many different diet plans that you can follow in order to slim down. The very best feature of these diets is that they will certainly help you lose weight quick. These diet plans are generally based upon the idea of consuming less calories than you typically would eat. When you eat less calories than you generally would, you shed a lot more calories than you consume. This indicates that you can slim down by consuming much less calories.If you want to

drop weight promptly, you have to agree to consume less food. Many people assume that if they consume much less food, then they will immediately slim down. This isn’t true. In order to drop weight, you have to melt even more calories than you eat each day. This is exactly how you lose weight. You need to consume much less food than you typically would, yet you likewise need to burn more calories than the quantity of food that you eat.The simplest way to melt more calories than you typically would is to exercise. This is where most fat burning programs fail. They tell you that all you have to do is workout as well as you’ll lose weight. Exercise is fantastic, but you need to do it right. The issue with the majority of these diet regimen strategies is that they do not tell you just how to work out correctly. That’s why lots of people don’t shed any kind of weight.The great news is that there are currently programs that teach you exactly how to exercise correctly. They inform you precisely what to

do as well as how to do it. This makes dropping weight much easier. It takes a lot of technique to stick to these programs. Most individuals will not stick to them long enough to see any type of outcomes. The programs are created to aid you slim down quickly. Once you obtain used to the program, you’ll have the ability to slim down quickly.


Data Reveal the Truth About COVID Countermeasures

In this interview, Ivor Cummins shares his insights about the ineffectiveness of COVID countermeasures, and how to stay healthy in this time of COVID-19. While he does not have formal medical training, he’s well-trained in the scientific method and has a very analytical and logical mind. As common sense has become all too uncommon, we need people like Cummins to remind us what the obvious common-sense conclusions are, and how to logically interpret data.

He has a biochemical engineering degree, and has spent the last eight or nine years researching metabolic health. In March 2020, his wife became concerned about SARS-CoV-2, which led him start analyzing the data surrounding COVID-19.

“I did a quick check and found the Diamond Princess data,” Cummins says. “So, I put a ceiling on the infection fatality rate, maybe around 0.2%, massively stacked towards people who were elderly and infirm, and I told her, ‘No, this has nothing to do with us effectively. It’s going to be the equivalent of a bad flu, or severe flu season.’

And then I watched the lockdowns come in, which came straight from China. I watched as the seasonal problem in Europe collapsed as expected in April. And they didn’t want to take the lockdowns out.

Then they wanted more restrictions, and then they starting whooping about a vaccine … They then brought in masks in Northern Europe in the summer, and that’s when I knew we were in serious trouble because in Northern Europe, there was nothing going on.

The hospitals were empty. The ICUs were empty. We were in the seasonal kind of trough. Yet they brought in mandatory masks and everyone started wearing them. I stayed on it after that.”

What’s Behind the COVID Jab Narrative?

Cummins’ primary concern with the COVID-19 injections is that the benefit is basically nonexistent for healthy people under the age of 60. He cites data from Israel, where the vast majority of the population has been injected with the Pfizer mRNA concoction, that unvaccinated and “vaccinated” have the same infection rate, regardless of age. Empirical data from other countries also reveal the injections have no effect on transmission.

“The pharma companies did acknowledge it may not affect transmission,” he says. “Mechanistically, it shouldn’t really affect transmission. And the real-world data say it doesn’t. So, the push to vaccinate is not based on any science, really, at all. It’s just based on a desire. And you’ve got to question that desire.

What is the obsession with trying to get everyone vaccinated? I feel that part of it has to do with profiteering and pharma influence, obviously. Part of it has to do with justifying a vaccine passport or permits.

And part of it, I think, is that there’s a fear that having a substantial control group, say 20%, 30% of people who are not vaccinated, will clearly show that the unvaccinated, unless they’ve got particular medical conditions, really are no worse off and are not causing transmission. So, I think there is a desire now to eliminate the control group.

A control group shows that your medication or your lockdown isn’t so hot. So, I think that’s another driver. A bit of desperation is coming in to get rid of the control group and just get everyone vaccinated, and then you can’t see the signal anymore.”

Official Control Groups Have Been Eliminated

This is in fact precisely what Moderna and Pfizer have done: Both have eliminated the original control groups in their initial COVID injection trials by giving controls the real mRNA shot. This was done even though the trials are officially ongoing for another two years. So, they have already eliminated the control groups in the trials against which to assess the effectiveness and safety of these injections. Cummins comments:

“The whole thing is kind of a sham, and you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to say it’s a sham. Basically, elementary science has been inverted, turned upside down, macerated, flushed down the urinal. And that’s without even getting into complicated stuff. It’s crazy.

I mean, most people don’t even realize it’s under emergency use authorization (EUA). A guy in Ireland went to seven pharmacies and asked them the question, ‘What’s the risk to my 20-year-old daughter from COVID? And what’s the risk of side effects from the medication?’ And they couldn’t really answer.

Pretty much all of them said emphatically, ‘This is fully tested.’ He showed them the documentation, that it’s emergency use only. It’s not fully [approved]. And they were kind of surprised. So even all the people administering [the COVID injections] are just not aware of any of the facts, it appears.

The pharmacists in question thought side effects were 1 in hundreds of thousands. But the Johnson & Johnson leaflet that this guy brought in showed up to 1 in 10,000 chance of a serious clot in brain, lymph or spleen, et cetera.

So, they weren’t even really aware of the contents of the leaflet … So, there’s no informed consent because the person administering [the injection] doesn’t understand the [risks], and certainly the person getting it doesn’t.”

Side Effects and Deaths Are Vastly Underreported

Unfortunately, many countries simply aren’t reporting side effects, so it’s very difficult to get a grasp on the real-world magnitude of the risks involved with these injections. As noted by Cummins:

“In Ireland, I have people on the inside of the medical system, and overwhelmingly, nothing’s getting recorded. When people have a reaction, they send them to the emergency room. The emergency room just deals with it. No one picks up a pencil or a pen. I mean, that’s just across the board. So, I’ve heard the estimate that on average, the recorded issues, you might be able to multiply by 5 to 10 to get the actual number.”

July 19, 2021, America’s Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the emergency use authorization of COVID injections for children under 18, anyone with natural immunity and anyone who has not been given proper informed consent.1,2,3

In their motion, the group included a sworn statement by a CDC whistleblower, a computer programmer with expertise in health care data analytics who has access to Medicare and Medicaid data maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Over the last 20 years, she has developed more than 100 health care fraud detection algorithms for use in the public and private sectors.

According to this whistleblower, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) indeed under-reports deaths by a factor of five or more. In her sworn testimony, she claims 45,000 Americans had died within three days of their COVID shots as of July 9, 2021. The numbers get even higher when looking at deaths occurring within a week or two of the injections.

According to the official narrative, there’s no solid evidence to prove the COVID shots actually caused these deaths, but as noted by Cummins, the data does show clear correlation, as reactions are occurring primarily in the first week or two after the injection. After that, reports of reactions drop significantly. This is evidence of association, as otherwise, you’d see a flat curve of reactions over four or six weeks.

Brainwashing Effort Without Equal

As noted by Cummins, studies have revealed that it only takes a couple of months to brainwash people, at which point their reasoning ability has been effectively destroyed. “They just can’t see reason after that because their brain has been [re]formed,” he says. We’ve now been under a constant 24/7 barrage of misleading propaganda for a year and a half.

“I compare it to 1930s Germany,” Cummins says, “and I’m very specific. Some people get very angry about referring back to that period. But I’m not referring to the Holocaust. I’m not referring to the ‘40s. I refer back to 1930s Germany, when Goebbels and the rest of them, they put a radio in every house, free of charge, I believe.

They knew, ‘Once we’ve got a conduit, or a channel into every house, and we feed them what we want to feed them, we’ve got them.’ I think there was a quote from one of the Nazi party [who said], ‘Give me control of the media, and I will turn any nation into a nation of pigs.’ They had contempt for the people. But they were very smart, and they pulled off, obviously, an absolute horror.

People get really angry if you compare it to that period but it’s a perfect analogy. Take over the media, mass propaganda for sustained periods, and then you can almost do what you want. I mean, the nonsense that they’ve come out with, so many times in the last year, people should just laugh at it. It should be a farce, a comedy.

But people are not laughing. They’ve just gotten used to being fed umbilically from the media and the professors and experts. And no matter what nonsense they say, they just take it on board.”

In the 80 years since then, there’s been an exponential increase in technology, which correspondingly exponentially increases the ability and effectiveness of propaganda. People are more effectively brainwashed these days, and there’s no doubt this has been the most effective propaganda campaign in the history of the world.

It’s not about science. It was never about science. It’s about economics, profiteering, control, getting in ID cards. Probably, digital currency will be coming in. They want the ID card to get everyone’s metrics locked in for access. All of these bad things, they’re all ideologies. None of them are scientific. ~ Ivor Cummins

Medicine has been turned on its head, as has science. Many are seemingly bereft of logic and capacity to reason. So, no doubt, the propagandists have succeeded. They’ve won. At this point, it seems almost hopeless to convince anyone that the official narrative is incorrect or false. It doesn’t matter what data you show them.

People aren’t even swayed by family members dying within days of getting their COVID shots. They still insist it’s the best way forward and agree that everyone ought to get the injections, including themselves, and off they rush to get their booster.

How to Improve Your Immune System

Anyone familiar with natural health will probably agree that having a robust immune system is your best bet against any and all infections. Cummins’ specialty is metabolic flexibility, which is also a foundational component of immune function. He explains:

“Metabolic health is the center of everything, and immune health is inextricably linked to it. I interviewed Dr. Ron Rosedale … April 4, 2020 … when the [COVID pandemic] was starting. Leptin is a cytokine. It’s intimately involved in the immune system response.

If you are leptin or insulin resistant, then your immune system will overreact in one sense, [causing a] cytokine storm, and you will under-react in other parts of the immune system.

He made the point, and I agreed with him, that if you knew SARS-CoV-2 was coming, you don’t need to spend four or five months getting fit. You don’t need to lose all the weight. Within days, your insulin and leptin levels will collapse if you just suddenly switch to meat, fish and eggs, no processed food, [plus] vitamins and minerals.

Literally within the first day your leptin and insulin will be falling fast, and in a few weeks, you’re going to be utterly more capable of changing a serious illness into a mild course of illness, or even of changing a death into just a nasty round.

And that was in early April 2020. I honestly thought this would be an opportunity to show people this. But of course, the thing got so insane, no one cared about the virus except vaccines. Propaganda took over. And it’s almost poignant now to have those lectures. Back in April, we were bang on the money.

If you drop your insulin and leptin, and you raise your vitamin D — which will rise anyway as you lower insulin resistance, automatically — if you do all the stuff that we’ve talked about for years about cholesterol, insulin, fat, keto, low carb, all the stuff for longevity and health, you just apply essentially the same stuff rapidly, you’re going to collapse your risk from this virus.

But no one was allowed to see that. In fact, the FDA last summer put in an injunction against a natural health website that was just talking about vitamin D importance. They told them, ‘You’re not allowed to do that. It’s not approved.’”

I was one of the sites the FDA issued that warning to. Like others, I was told I could not state that vitamin D’s ability to improve health and immune function might have any influence on getting SARS-CoV-2 infection or surviving the infection.

“I know it’s associational,” Cummins says. “I did three short talks with slides, again in early April, on the emerging data from Philippines and elsewhere. It was clear as day that people [with vitamin D levels] over 40 ng/mL, or 100 nmol/L, who are metabolically healthy had massively lower chance of severe illness or mortality, even when correcting for age.

So, it was clear as day that if you eat nutrient-dense food, drop your insulin and leptin, get healthy sun exposure, and maybe supplements, and you get your vitamin D status up, you’re going to go into that group that has vastly lower risk, and even sub-flu risk.”

Why Avoid Processed Seed Oils?

If you’re doing keto, be aware that not all fats are made equal. I suspect omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) may actually be more harmful to your metabolism and overall health than processed carbs. When asked to opine on this topic, Cummins responds:

“It’s a tricky one because I’m finding it hard to come to a definite answer. Refined carbs and processed carbs are really bad. We know that from all the science. We know from huge amounts of science that seed oils are a major problem … All the stuff associated with excessive LA, a massive body of knowledge, was suppressed.

There were studies in the ‘90s showing mammary cancers in rats, a whole load of animal studies. Then they stopped being done, and the reason was because they were saying these were heart-healthy vegetable oils. The system didn’t want people finding problems. So, I’d agree there’s a huge amount of data to say don’t touch them. They’re a serious problem.

There’s obesity studies in mice and rats that are dramatic in terms of adipogenesis, or fat creation … I often say the Devil’s triad is refined carbohydrates, sugars and seed oils. And those three make up most ultra-processed food. So, you have to hit the triad.

If a person gives up the seed oils but eats loads of refined carbs and drinks Coca-Cola for 30 years, they’re going to end up in trouble probably. If they have seed oils at a few percent of diet, not huge, and they eliminate the refined carbs, I wonder how badly would they end up? It’s a tricky one.”

I’ve taken a more hardcore position against seed oils and LA, as pre-1850, when industrialized food processing first began, the amount of LA found in human fat tissue was around 1% to 2%. Today, it’s between 20% and 30%.

I believe anything above 2% is excessive and radically increases oxidative stress that can decimate your cell membranes, mitochondria, protein, stem cells and DNA. And it takes up to seven years to eliminate the LA buildup from your body as it is stored in your cell membranes.

I also now believe that once you’re metabolically flexible, excluding healthy carbohydrates (not processed ones, of course) can be detrimental. I’m metabolically flexible and will personally not go lower than 50 grams of healthy carbs a day, largely because I exercise three to four hours a day. On many days, I eat 150 to 200 grams of carbs, typically from fruit. Despite that, I’m still in ketosis and have very low visceral body fat.

When I tried going low-carb, under 50 grams, for extended period of times, my health declined. So, provided you’re metabolically flexible, I believe carbs are healthy. This is why I believe LA is far more dangerous than carbs. You also don’t need to detox from excess carbs. Just stop eating them and your insulin resistance will immediately drop.

Ideology, Not Science, Rules the Day

While governments lean on the precautionary principle to justify lockdowns and mask mandates, the precautionary principle is not followed when it comes to the COVID injections.

“It just shows that this is an ideology,” Cummins says. “It’s not about science. It was never about science. It’s about economics, profiteering, control, getting in ID cards. Probably, digital currency will be coming in. They want the ID card to get everyone’s metrics locked in for access. All of these bad things, they’re all ideologies. None of them are scientific.

Now they’re coming after the kids. I mean, you don’t have to be anti-vax, you just have to be rational, to look at the impact of SARS-CoV-2, look at the vaccine data and the real-world empirical data of the country comparisons that show the vaccine’s not doing much. And then look at what they’re actually trying to do — vaccinate all the children — and you just know it’s completely perverse…

But we have to accept reality. I often say to people who are getting despondent … you have to be stoical. I fight the misinformation seven days a week. But if it turns out that the bad guys are getting dreadful things implemented, I refuse to let myself become despondent, or miserable, or give up.

I just hardened myself that I will not be brought down by this, no matter how bad it gets. Even if they get ID cards and you’re jabbed, and tracked, and traced, you’ve still got to be the resistance. You’ve still got to live. And you’ve still got to oppose it and stay healthy. Stay around to oppose it.

Look at the French resistance in World War II. Dreadful conditions. Dreadful. They had to sleep with the enemy, literally. If they were caught, they were tortured and murdered. For around a year or two, things looked absolutely grim, that they were not going to win. But they kept at it.”

More Information

To keep up on Cummins’ data analyses, follow him on Twitter, YouTube, Odysee, Bitchute, Apple podcasts, or subscribe to his blog on


How the Plague of Corruption Is Killing Mankind

In this interview, Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., Frank Ruscetti, Ph.D., and Kent Heckenlively, a lawyer and science teacher, discuss “Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption,” which they co-wrote.

This is the third book in a trilogy that began with “Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases” and “Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.”

The first two were co-written by Mikovits and Heckenlively. The inspiration for the third book came from Ruscetti, who has been Mikovits’ mentor and professional collaborator for 38 years. As indicated in the subtitle, we won’t be able to end these plagues of scientific and academic corruption unless or until scholars and scientists honor their professional obligations and responsibilities.

“That’s the point of the book, and we wouldn’t have this mess if people like Tony [Anthony] Fauci and Bob [Robert] Gallo didn’t get away with this thin playbook for things like Ebola, Zika and the autism epidemic, all the way back to HIV/AIDS,” Mikovits says.

Selling Out Public Health for Profit

“Plague” and “Plague of Corruption” detail the scientific discoveries made by Mikovits and Ruscetti, which include the scandalous findings that the blood supply and vaccines are tainted with disease-causing retroviruses, and the U.S. government has been hiding it for decades. The books read like fast-paced thrillers and offer a view into the halls of scientific inquiry, to which few people ever are privy.

Book No. 3, “Ending Plague,” is primarily Ruscetti’s story. By 1983, when Ruscetti hired Mikovits as a lab tech at Fort Detrick, he’d recently discovered T cell growth factor, later renamed interleukin 2. He’d also discovered the first disease-causing human retrovirus, called human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-11) or human T cell leukemia virus, back in 1980. The book starts with Ruscetti’s story and perspective.

“The motivation for writing the book is not something new,” Ruscetti says, “and unless we change the fortunes of every man, it’s just going to get worse. [During] the AIDS epidemic, we were at an impasse. What most people don’t realize is that it shouldn’t have been at an impasse then, because if you look at the rest of the world, the No. 1 cause of death among women of child bearing age is HIV.2”

That’s a rather extraordinary statement. The leading cause of death among child-bearing women in the world is HIV/AIDS, but do you ever hear anything about that?3 If not, why do you think that is? In short, health agencies have done a terrible job over the last several decades, selling out public health for profit. As noted by Heckenlively:

“Public health has not been serving us well for the past 40 or 50 years. What I think is really extraordinary about Frank’s story is he really details how science has gone wrong. We like to think of science as this democracy of experts: top people in their field discussing how the science should move forward. But public health is not like that.

Starting in the 1970s with Nixon’s war on cancer, which accelerated under Reagan, these ‘czars’ of science were created. Tony Fauci is one of them. And then they demoted the other scientists to be like serfs. We don’t really have that many ‘government scientists.’ We have a lot of scientists under contract with the federal government, and this has really set up a system where people like Tony Fauci essentially control public health.

I think if people understood that the system itself is set up so that relatively few people are in charge, then all of this makes more sense. So, when they talk about in the media ‘science is deciding this,’ ‘science is deciding that,’ it’s really not.

It’s just a relatively small handful of people, almost like a holy bureau of science, and that’s what we’re attacking. What we’re trying to do is, we’re trying to move science back to its original roots in which everybody who is qualified has a voice and can contribute to the discussion.”

Too Much Power in Too Few Hands

Fauci has been the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. In the 37 years since, he’s been responsible for doling out research funding that amounts to nearly $1 trillion. Who has received those taxpayer dollars? Primarily those who are aligned with the drug industry. It’s become an incestuous relationship that revolves around the creation of profit, while the public receives virtually no benefit.

In fact, in many cases, public health has suffered tremendously, and people have no concept of what has happened, or how their ill health is the outgrowth of corrupted policies and conflicts of interest. Heckenlively says:

“The comparison I make is that Fauci has been head of National Institute for Allergy and infectious Diseases longer than J. Edgar Hoover was head of the FBI. [Editor’s note: Actually, Hoover was head of the FBI for 48 years, from 1924 to 19724] Whether you’re right, left or middle, nobody believes that anybody should hold that kind of power for that long.

In fact, having that kind of power in and of itself is a really bad idea. I think [Fauci] really is a terrible person because not only has he been in charge of this system, he helped design this system. We need to get rid of Fauci and keep the next Fauci from taking power.”

Importantly, Fauci and Big Pharma not only control the funding of research, they also control what gets published and what’s buried. Fauci is the reason you’ve not heard about HIV/AIDS being a leading cause of death among women of childbearing age, worldwide. This statistic is censored, just like facts about COVID-19 treatment and COVID shots are censored.

As explained by Mikovits, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which primarily affects women, is basically AIDS without the HIV. It’s an immune dysfunction, and it can be traced back to contaminated vaccines, biologics and blood supply that have been used for decades.

As detailed in “Plague,” Fauci was a key figure in covering up the true cause of AIDS, which was incorrectly blamed on homosexuals and drug addicts. By fraudulently changing the definition of the disease and denying the presence of exogenous viruses, so-called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related viruses or XMRVs, they prevented women from getting correct care. Mikovits explains:

“The definition was ‘Only HIV can cause AIDS,’ and we’re looking at the same thing right now. There never was a SARS-CoV-2 monkey virus in hundreds of millions of people. They’re being transmitted through the [COVID] vaccine, and through recombinants it can happen in only two weeks.”

SARS-CoV-2 Is a Cloned Monkey Virus

New York-based physician Dr. Andy Kaufman claims the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been identified. According to Mikovits, he is dead-wrong. SARS-CoV-2 is a cloned monkey virus, manufactured in the Vero monkey kidney cell line and isolated only from that cell line, not from humans with COVID, she says.

The original bat coronavirus was grown in a Vero monkey kidney cell line known to be contaminated with retroviruses and coronaviruses that easily recombine every time the vaccines are manufactured in 100-liter productions.

Mikovits conducted experiments on bat tissue Ebola cultures in the same line of cells in the mid ‘90s, trying to understand how these viruses cause disease. What she discovered was that it’s not the infection that kills. It’s the inflammatory side effects and the dysregulation of the innate immune response that end up being lethal, and the virus causes this in part by shutting down the interferon pathways. Heckenlively explains:

“What Judy is saying is that when you mix these viruses in different cultures, you will get genetic sequences from the culture cells. The thing that our books really talk about is how dangerous this common practice is — taking, for example, a human virus that you isolate, and then grow it in animal cultures.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that viruses are not like other living organisms. They’re very promiscuous in their swapping of genetic codes. In April or May of 2020, [people said] ‘This bat virus seems to have some HIV spike proteins and sequence.’ How is it that you got monkey sequences in a bat virus?

Our contention is that this common practice of growing viruses in different animal cultures, including human cultures, is creating these Frankenstein viruses which will have genetic sequences from the mediums in which they’re grown …

The belief in the ‘80s was that the HIV virus is hiding out in the T cells, which made absolutely no sense. It is true that as the disease progresses, the T cells would absolutely be taken out. That was an indicator of the infection, but what Judy and Frank were saying is that the HIV virus can’t be hiding out in the T cells, especially because you got the development of AIDS dementia, and the T cells, are not [found] in the brain.

Judy’s seminal work with Frank was finding the actual reservoir in which the HIV virus lived, which was the mono site macrophages. If I understand Andy Kaufman’s claims, I think he’s throwing out the baby with the bath water. Judy is showing how the virus cause damage and how the establishment is wrong, and how some of these alternative people are missing part of the argument as well.”

SARS-CoV-2 Was Spread by Injection

Mikovits makes a number of shocking assertions in this interview. Among them, that SARS-CoV-2 was spread through the regular use of vaccines that had been contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus because of manufacturing practices.

The monkey kidney cell lines that were used to manufacture many vaccines were contaminated with bat coronavirus and shipped around the world. Those vaccines were then injected into humans, called transfection. Their cells then began replicating what we now understand as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“They absolutely isolated a SARS-CoV-2 virus,” Mikovits says. “But there is not definitive-anything showing [that it] satisfies either Koch’s postulates or Hill criteria, which we did with the XMRVs, meaning the virus, in my opinion, is still a monkey virus that was spread via injection.”

In other words, while there is a virus named SARS-CoV-2, no one has proven that this viral isolate actually ever transmitted between humans or causes COVID-19. Her assertion is that SARS-CoV-2 is a monkey virus that is an artifact of culturing a bat coronavirus in Vero monkey kidney cell cultures that, for years, have been contaminated with XMRVs.

To prove SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19, you have to extract the virus from a person who has COVID-19, and infect another person with that virus. If the exposed individual gets COVID-19, then the virus would be the causative factor.

We know most individuals have been exposed to people with COVID-19, yet they do not develop COVID-19. This suggests that SARS-Co-V-2 is not the sole causative factor.

How the COVID Shots Produce Variants

Mikovits also believes the COVID jabs add to the pandemic by producing variants through a process called transfection. When a clone of an infectious viral sequence is injected in a synthetic viral particle called a lipid nanoparticle, it is not an infectious transmissible virus particle. Instead, the host cells’ machinery starts replicating the inoculated sequences or expressing the spike proteins.

In the case of the COVID jabs, your cells are producing the spike protein of the virus only, which is actually the pathogenic part of the virus. The spike protein is what’s causing the disease. Put another way, COVID-19 is not a viral infection. It’s caused by a metabolic toxin, namely the spike protein. This viral particle, in and of itself, functions like a synthetic virus.

The spike protein is synthetic because the mRNA injected has been genetically modified. The mRNA is not infectious or transmissible, but when injected, your body starts to make this synthetic spike protein that operates like a virus, and can be transmitted to other people. Heckenlively explains:

“Virologists say you need a complete virus to do harm. What Judy has [found] is that defective viruses can cause harm as well. If you think of a virus as a code, like a computer program, if you have a couple bad lines of code, that can still cause problems in your computer as well.

What Judy is saying is that viruses are dangerous in ways that are not fully appreciated by science. You don’t have to have a complete virus in order to do harm. You can do sequences of the virus that they would call defective or garbage pieces, and it can still cause enormous harm, because those parts of the virus, such as the envelope, are affecting the function of your immune system.”

According to Mikovits, 8% of the human genome consists of endogenous viruses that include retroviral envelopes that are critical to the regulation of our innate immune responses, our critical type 1 interferon. Some perform very important functions, including regulatory roles.

However, you cannot express animal or other human endogenous viruses without risking recombinants and new viruses. Hence, when vaccines are contaminated with animal retroviruses, you risk creating brand new viruses that can cause all sorts of harm.

What Is the Hidden Agenda?

In summary, Mikovits and Ruscetti’s work demonstrates an important principle, which is that viruses do not travel alone. They travel in groups, and while one may affect one part of the immune system, another type will produce other immune responses. The end result is what we diagnose as the acquired immune dysfunction or deficiency.

For example, HIV alone does not cause AIDS. To develop AIDS, you need multiple environmental toxins like glyphosate, aluminum or a coinfection of HIV and XMRVs. Again, XMRVs are found in vaccines that have been grown in animal tissue.

The XMRVs cripple your innate immune system, including your natural killer (NK) cells. This then allows the HIV to take out your adaptive immune system, the T and B cells, resulting in disease progression and if left untreated, death. In CFS, the primary coinfection is that of XMRVs and herpes viruses.

Mikovits believes those who are most susceptible to dying from the COVID shots are those who are already coinfected with XMRV, HIV, Borrelia, Babesia and other pathogens commonly acquired from contaminated vaccines.

Mikovits is convinced that what is now being called “long-haul COVID” is the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein activating and recombining with XMRVs — introduced via vaccinations — and the HIV virus. She also believes those who are most susceptible to dying from the COVID shots are those who are already coinfected with XMRV, HIV, Borrelia, Babesia and other pathogens commonly acquired from contaminated vaccines.

What this all means, then, is that in order to protect yourself against the disease, you cannot focus on protecting yourself against a single virus. The answer is to make sure your immune system is strong enough to take on whatever it encounters. Absolutely never get another inoculation of any vaccines until all of the appropriate testing is done and the contaminants removed, as they should have been decades ago.

That’s why the pandemic measures have been so detrimental. Mask wearing, sheltering indoors and staying in a state of perpetual fear all dampen your immune function. The question is, why did those in charge make sure they did everything to lower our immune defenses?

“For me personally, it is the best evidence that this was not simply a series of mistakes by those in charge,” Heckenlively says. “There had to be some other agenda. I’m trained as an attorney. I have people lie to me all the time. I’m always questioning people and I look at what’s done. Can I prove it? No, but it seems like an amazing pattern of mistakes to just be the result of stupidity or politics.”

Profiling COVID-19

What do we know about the people who have died from COVID-19? We know they’re elderly. We know that they have 2.6 comorbidities. What Mikovits, Ruscetti and Heckenlively are saying is that for the past 60 years, we’ve been injecting animal viruses into human beings, and the assertion made in “Plague of Corruption” is that this practice has caused many of these chronic diseases in people.

This reality has been covered up, however, which is why many are now hearing about this for the very first time. Along comes SARS-CoV-2, triggering terrible immune system reactions in those who are already infected with these animal viruses.

The coinfections are ultimately what’s killing them. Essentially, SARS-CoV-2 is acting like the executioner of people who are already sick with chronic diseases caused by animal retroviruses, other pathogens and toxins introduced through vaccinations.

Add to this the COVID shots. These injections make your cells produce a synthetic spike protein (a synthetic virus envelope) that has pathological effects. The reason why the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is so dangerous is because it contains the envelope proteins of three of the most harmful viruses: the HIV family, the XMRV family and the SARS family of viruses.

All of them are now rolled into one, and the instructions to produce this synthetic pathogen are now being injected into hundreds of millions of people. What can go wrong? As explained by Mikovits, the XMRVs and HIV were incorporated by growing the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the Vero E6 cell line.

Related to HIV is the simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), and it too is found in the Vero monkey cell line, part of the endogenous viral genome of monkeys. SIV and HIV have overlapping envelope proteins, so they produce the same inflammatory immune response.

Ending Plague

“Ending Plague” goes deep into the history of all this and provides a framework for understanding how something so devastating and disruptive could happen now, in 2021. The basis of this has a lot to do with the actions of Fauci and Robert Gallo, Ph.D. Fauci, for example, was responsible for discrediting all AIDS treatments other than AZT — the drug that he sponsored.

He kept insisting that more randomized controlled trials were needed, yet he held the purse strings and refused to fund the very studies he claimed were required to prove these other treatments. AZT meanwhile, cost $5 to make and was sold for $10,000 per dose. AZT wound up killing some 330,000 people due to its toxicity.

The very same pattern is playing out today with COVID-19, and Fauci is again playing a lead role. Is that really a coincidence? He’s been warning against the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and he’s downplayed the importance of vitamin D sufficiency and any number of other things. According to Fauci, the COVID “vaccine” is the only way forward, and now we’re seeing thousands of people around the world dying within weeks of their injections.

In “Ending Plague,” the three coauthors review how we can reform public health to get us out of this mess, once and for all. “I think that the scholar’s obligation in an age of corruption is to tell the truth and make the world a better place,” Heckenlively says, adding:

“These books that I helped Judy, Frank and others put together, these are really stories of defectors from science. In them we see the destruction of the old order and the creation of something new and wonderful.

We’re not just saying things are terrible. We are talking about how to bring about change. That’s why it’s so important that people buy these books because, I hate to say it, sales are power for people like Judy, Frank and me, to continue our message.”


mRNA Expert Speaks Out on the COVID Crisis

When Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology,1 spoke out about the risks of COVID-19 gene therapy vaccines in June 2021, he was surprised that the three-hour interview went viral. “It showed there was a huge thirst for information from people all over the world,” he said, speaking with Aga Wilson with Newsvoice.2

The podcast was erased from YouTube, and Malone quickly realized that his message, which he felt morally obliged to share, would not be heard via mainstream media.

“When it became clear to me that I would not be able to speak through mainstream media, I, together with my wife … made a conscious decision to reach out through alternative media and new media, and I’ve learned, from many, many podcasts and podcasters like yourself about the value of this new medium of podcasting,” he told Wilson.3

Experimental Vaccine Violates Bioethics Laws

With Malone’s impressive credentials, his grave concerns about COVID-19 vaccines have made many stop and listen, and people started writing to him about their own problems with censorship and the spectrum of adverse events with the vaccine. It all started, Malone said, with a long conversation with a physician in Canada, who poured his heart out about what he was experiencing in Canada treating patients with COVID-19 and adverse events after vaccination.

He reported them to authorities but was dismissed and told they weren’t related to the injection even though, in his clinical opinion, they were. With the mass vaccination campaign in full effect, Malone was also disturbed that it is considered OK by the government to entice children to get vaccinated by offering them free ice cream or doughnuts, and even allowing children to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent.

He soon ventured into the bioethics of the emergency use authorization (EUA) granted to COVID-19 vaccines. Experimentation without proper informed consent violates the Nuremberg Code,4 which spells out a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation.

This set of principles was developed to ensure the medical horrors discovered during the Nuremberg trials at the end of World War II would never take place again, but in the current climate of extreme censorship, people are not being informed about the full risks of the vaccines — which are only beginning to be uncovered.

Further, due to the EUA, adults aren’t required to sign informed consent documents and, at the same time, aren’t being given a full disclosure of the risks that would normally be given during a clinical trial5 — and, at this point, anyone who receives the vaccine is participating as a research subject.

FDA Dismissed Malone’s Vaccine Warning

Through his professional career, Malone has worked closely with the U.S. government for many years. As such, he has kept an open dialogue with colleagues at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with whom he discussed concerns about adverse events and the spike protein used in COVID-19 vaccines.

In its native form in SARS-CoV-2, the spike protein is responsible for the pathologies of the viral infection, and in its wild form it’s known to open the blood-brain barrier, cause cell damage (cytotoxicity) and, Malone said, “is active in manipulating the biology of the cells that coat the inside of your blood vessels — vascular endothelial cells, in part through its interaction with ACE2, which controls contraction in the blood vessels, blood pressure and other things.”6

Malone is well aware of the actions of spike protein, as he worked to identify an effective drug that worked by blocking the action of the COX-2 enzyme, which is a key inflammatory enzyme. In one of his papers, he laid out how the spike protein and another protein in the virus directly turn on COX-2 promoter in infected cells.

This awareness of the spike protein as a biologically active protein made him alert the FDA about the associated risks last fall. His FDA colleagues transferred his concerns to the FDA’s review branch, which dismissed his concerns, saying they did not believe the spike protein was biologically active and there wasn’t enough documentation otherwise. As history now reveals, they proceeded with the EUA.

It’s since been revealed that the spike protein on its own is enough to cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, even independent of a virus.7

Plato’s Noble Lie: Three False ‘Truths’ Being Circulated

The concept of the noble lie was first described by Socrates and Plato.8 It refers to the notion that, in the case of high-status individuals or designated public leaders, it’s acceptable to lie if the lie is made in the interest of the common good.

But in the modern day, in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic in which government, Big Pharma, media and Big Tech have become integrated, we’re now seeing the noble lie “play out in a way that Plato could never have imagined,” Malone said.

Take Dr. Anthony Fauci — whose expertise has been held as indisputable by mainstream media since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s been caught lying to both the public and the U.S. Senate on a number of issues, but nothing has been done about it.

Malone outlined three main logic elements — each false — that are being propagated as part of the grander noble lie. Any discussion that challenges or goes against these three elements is censored:9

1. Mitigating death and disease from COVID requires herd immunity — This is not true, as it’s possible to reduce death and disease from COVID-19 using medications like ivermectin and many others, including anti-inflammatories.

2. The only way to reach herd immunity is through universal vaccination — This is another lie. As Malone says, “Herd immunity is most often reached through natural infection.” Further, there’s no solid data on whether COVID injections reduce transmissibility, which changes depending on the variant anyway. So the idea that we must reach a certain percentage of herd immunity in the population to end the pandemic “fails the logic test.”

Even the World Health Organization advises people who are vaccinated to continue wearing masks due to the delta variant because “vaccine alone won’t stop community transmission.”10 “Vaccines will not get us to herd immunity,” Malone said.11

3. The vaccines are completely safe — This is another lie, as it’s well known that the vaccines are not completely safe. Malone listed several adverse events that are already raising red flags. Another important point: Censorship prevents full comprehension of these risks.

Coagulation problems

Female reproductive health concerns
Miscarriage in the first and second trimesters (this has not yet been confirmed), Thrombocytopenia (dropping blood platelets)

Brain and nervous system disorders
Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)

Data Do Not Support Vaccination of Children

Malone believes that children and young adults up to age 30 or 35 should not be vaccinated, noting that the total number of COVID-19 deaths for birth- to 18-year-olds during the entire pandemic is 386.12 Children reap little benefit from this vaccine, not only because they’re at very low risk from COVID-19, but also because, according to Peter Doshi, Ph.D., a significant portion of U.S. children are already immune and aren’t at risk of infection to begin with.

Doshi cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data showing an estimated 23% of children under the age of 4 and 42% of those ages 5 through 17 have already had a SARS-CoV-2 infection and now have robust and long-lasting immunity.

The rationale has been that children should be vaccinated in order to protect the elderly, but this only has merit if the vaccine has no toxicity, which isn’t the case with COVID-19 injections, so the justification fails miserably. “We need to carefully think about who gets the benefit from vaccination, and focus vaccination on them,” Malone said.

For people who aren’t at high risk, it’s hard to justify exposing them to risk from a COVID-19 injection. Doshi similarly pointed out that the FDA has no basis on which to grant COVID-19 vaccines emergency use authorization for children in the first place, as COVID-19 is not an emergency in children. The threat this infection poses to children is negligible and no more serious than that of the common cold or flu.

The Power of Podcasts

Malone has been speaking out about the problems of censorship and the fact that physicians and scientists who raise concerns that go against the official narrative can be damaged professionally. He even heard an unsubstantiated report in Spain that a physician who advocates for alternative treatment strategies can be declared mentally incompetent and institutionalized.

“This is profoundly worrying,” he said, “but we’re seeing it all over the world … It’s extremely difficult to speak against this narrative.”13 Malone would know. Just five days after he publicly shared his concerns about the dangers of COVID-19 injections, his name and scientific credentials, including those relating to mRNA vaccines, were removed from Wikipedia.

Through his remaining contacts with the government, Malone is still trying to share this powerful insider information and data with those in positions of power who will listen. He comes from a place of caring and empathy and believes this, not fighting the opposition, is key.

He’s also speaking out via podcasts, which he believes are “extremely valuable” and “represent a threat to the narrative.” Instead of worrying about being deleted from social media or speaking to a reporter who may “cut and splice my words to fit some narrative that they want to impose … podcasts work. They get out to people.”

Malone is privy to the opposition he’s up against, but as a highly ethical physician committed to integrity — and preeminently qualified to speak on this topic — he feels it’s his duty to share the truth. It will take this and many others like him speaking out to counter the false narrative being forced upon us as the truth.

If we give up, we’ll continue down this rabbit hole in which misinformation becomes fact and believing it is the only choice to remain a part of society. This isn’t an option, which is why sharing data and information as Malone is doing is a heroic action that we can all take part in.


Half of COVID Hospital Admissions Tested Positive

The Telegraph1 disclosed that leaked data from the U.K. showed 56% of the patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 were not admitted because of COVID-19 but, rather, only tested positive after admission during routine testing done on all patients.

The tests identified individuals who may have had a false positive PCR or had symptoms so minor they were not recognized. This is a far cry from the “remorseless logic of exponential growth” in the number of COVID-19 patients predicted by U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson in June 2021, when Johnson warned the country that hospital admissions were rising by 50% each week.2

More than a month later, hospitals were reporting the number of infections is manageable, and the numbers have not come close to those recorded during a peak in January 2021. Additionally, the data show that patients have shorter stays than during the January peak, which The Telegraph article attributes to England’s COVID-19 injection program.3

The justification for the COVID-19 injections has been to reduce the number of individuals who become infected. However, as data collection has demonstrated, experts are not making it easy to evaluate raw numbers of real data.

Leaked Data Show UK Inflated Hospital Numbers

The Telegraph4 had access to leaked data from the NHS, which showed only 44% of patients classified as COVID-19 patients had a positive test at admission. The remaining 56% did not test positive until they underwent a standard test during hospitalization.

The pattern in the leaked data analyzed by The Telegraph showed the majority of patients were likely treated for other conditions and some were not tested for COVID-19 until weeks after hospitalization. Dr. Carl Heneghan, director of the center for evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, was appalled by this revelation and is quoted in The Telegraph saying:5

“This data is incredibly important, and should be published on an ongoing basis. When people hear about hospitalisations with Covid, they will assume that Covid is the likely cause, but this data shows something quite different — this is about Covid being detected after tests were looking for it.”

Heneghan urged government officials to make clear data available, adding that what is currently published could lead people “towards false conclusions.” Several other health experts in the U.K. were equally as disturbed the government had been hiding data. Sir Graham Brady, British politician and member of Parliament, told a reporter from The Telegraph:6

“Nearly 18 months into the Covid crisis, it is absurd that data breaking down hospital admissions still isn’t publicly available on a regular basis. Counting all patients who test positive as Covid hospitalisations is inevitably misleading and gives a false picture of the continuing health impact of the virus.”

Greg Clark, chairman of Commons science and technology select committee, said he would be asking for a breakdown of hospitalizations on a regular basis after The Telegraph published the leaked data. He told a reporter from The Telegraph:7

“If hospitalisations from Covid are a key determinant of how concerned we should be, and how quickly restrictions should be lifted, it’s important that the data is not presented in a way that could lead to the wrong conclusions being drawn.

While some of these people may be being admitted due to Covid, we currently do not know how many. And for those who are not, there is a big distinction between people who are admitted because of Covid and those are in for something else but have Covid in such a mild form that it was not the cause of their hospitalisation.”

Clear Data Can Be Difficult to Find

The data were leaked from an NHS daily situation report that is collected from all the hospital trusts in England. One NHS data expert suggested that the data distort the true picture, saying:8

“It creates an impression that all these people are going into hospital with Covid, and that simply is not the case. People are worried and scared and not really understanding the true picture — that is what I find despicable.”

Interestingly, in June 2021, the NHS trusts were also asked to analyze their data and determine how many patients were admitted for treatment of COVID-19 and how many were in the hospital for other reasons, and yet were still classified as COVID-19 patients. As of July 26, 2021, this data had not been released.9

On the flip side, there is mounting evidence that COVID-19 injections can have tragic results, as demonstrated by the ever-increasing death toll attributed to the shot. The vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS)10 tracks deaths, hospitalizations, urgent care visits, specific health conditions and symptoms in a searchable database.

However, since data from an investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found the VAERS catches a mere 1% of vaccine injuries,11,12 these numbers are not close to the full story. This is likely because the system is primarily because a passive process and reports are filed voluntarily.

Cases and Actual Infection Are Not the Same

Many of the reported COVID hospitalizations were likely reported “cases” and not actual infections as Heneghan, Brady and Clark were quoted above. In early 2021, hospitalization rates13 with COVID-19 dropped from 132,474 Americans on January 6, 2021, to 71,497 on February 12, 2021.

This drop was predicted since the recommended cycle threshold on the PCR tests was lowered in January 2021. The PCR swab collects RNA that is then reverse transcribed into DNA. Because of the tiny size, it must be amplified to become discernible.

Every round of amplification is called a cycle, and the number of amplification cycles used is called the cycle threshold. The higher the cycle threshold, the greater the risk that insignificant sequences of viral DNA are magnified to the point that the test reads positive even when the viral load is extremely low, or the virus is inactive and poses no threat to you or anyone else.

Many doctors and scientists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci,14 director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, have noted any cycle threshold over 35 cycles is scientifically indefensible.15,16 One study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases17 in September 2020 revealed that a PCR test at a cycle threshold of 35 or higher dropped the accuracy to 3%.

In other words, a PCR test with a cycle threshold of over 35 results in a 97% false positive rate. Yet, during the peak of the pandemic, the World Health Organization recommended that cycle thresholds should be set to 45 cycles18,19,20 and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended PCR tests at a cycle threshold of 40.21

Since the consensus is that cycle thresholds over 35 render the test useless, it begs the question why health agencies would continue to recommend testing that was almost guaranteed to render a false positive. Indeed, it seems clear at this time that we are not dealing with a lethal pandemic in any real sense.

Mortality statistics further prove this is the case since these statistics have remained stable in 2020 and in line with previous years.22,23,24 In other words, people are dying from COVID-19, but the illness is not killing an excess number of people. Data released by the CDC August 26, 2020,25 showed only 6% of so-called COVID-19 deaths had COVID-19 as the sole cause on the death certificate.

“For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the CDC wrote, and any one of those comorbidities could have killed those people even if COVID-19 was nonexistent.

Signs Are Mounting COVID Injections Are Failing

In recent weeks, the data has also demonstrated that the COVID-19 injections will not put an end to the infection even if 100% of the population was vaccinated. For example, 100 fully vaccinated crew members on the warship HMS Queen Elizabeth tested positive for COVID-19 while they were out to sea.26

This demonstrates that the vaccine-induced herd immunity narrative is not possible. In a video report,27 Dr. John Campbell reviewed the data from the U.K. I don’t agree with everything Campbell says, such as promoting mask-wearing. However, the data review is of interest.

As of July 29, 2021, nearly 90% of the adult population in the U.K. had received one dose of COVID-19 injection28 and 70% had received two. Yet symptomatic cases among partially and fully “vaccinated” are now suddenly on the rise, with an average of 15,537 new infections a day29 being detected in this group, a 40% increase from early July.

Meanwhile, the daily average of new symptomatic cases among unvaccinated is 17,581, down 22% from the week before. This suggests the wave among unvaccinated has peaked and that natural herd immunity has set in, while “vaccinated” individuals are becoming more prone to infection.

In a recent CNBC news report, they revealed the CDC has stated COVID injection breakthrough infections are more severe in people who are elderly or who have serious medical conditions.30 In other words, the very people the injection is supposed to protect are the ones who are getting the sickest.

It is also important not to assume lower hospitalization rates in the middle of summer are a sign that the injections are having a positive impact. We have data31 showing that countries with the highest COVID injection rates are also experiencing the greatest upsurges in cases, while countries with the lowest injection rates have the lowest caseloads.

This trend “is worrying me quite a bit,” Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, said in a July 16, 2021, tweet.32 By July 17, 2021, Massachusetts had reported 5,166 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 following the injection, including 80 deaths.33

The week before, there were 4,450 cases and 79 deaths in fully vaccinated individuals. This represents a jump of 716 fully vaccinated people who had a breakthrough COVID infection in just one week.

Counties in the US Find Inflated Reporting of COVID Deaths

Discrepancies in reporting data have been found in the U.S. as well. In the early months of 2020, many in the mainstream news media laughingly called concerns that there were more deaths reported from COVID-19 than could be attributed to the disease, a “death toll conspiracy.”34 Yet, less than one year later that is exactly what county officials in California have discovered.35

In other words, the number of people who died “from” COVID-19 was far lower than those who died “with” COVID-19. As I’ve written, the high reported rate of individuals with the disease was in considerable part due to the high cycle threshold in PCR testing. In reality, the PCR test is not a diagnostic tool.

After analyzing data, Santa Clara and Alameda counties in California discovered they had a significant discrepancy in the number of people who actually died FROM COVID-19.36 The data did not change. The number of actual deaths did not change. But authorities found that 22% of the deaths recorded from COVID could not be attributed to the virus.

Santa Clara County reported the new numbers were generated by counting only those whose cause of death was from the virus and not counting people who tested positive at the time of death. The month before, in June 2021, Alameda County also recounted deaths attributed to COVID-19 and registered a death toll drop of about 25%.

University of California San Francisco professor of medicine and infectious disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi believes the CDC may soon ask all counties to recount their deaths from COVID-19 and the entire nation could see a drop in the death toll.

Yet, as I have reported, financial incentives offered to hospitals to alter the death certificates as well as PCR testing that inaccurately labeled people as infected with a virus, might be two significant contributing factors that continue to alter an accurate representation of the number of people who died from the virus.

In my most recent interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, we discussed some of the acute, subacute and long-term risks for those who have accepted the COVID injection. Additionally, he outlines the strategic plan to help protect your health if you or someone you know got the shot and now has serious regrets. You can see the interview and the strategies in “Might Covid Injections Reduce Lifespan?”

For those who are still deciding, it’s important to do your own risk benefit analysis based on your individual situation before making up your mind. If you’re under the age of 40, your risk of dying is 0.01%.37 This means you have a 99.99% chance of surviving the infection. Since the mRNA shots are not designed to prevent infection, but only to reduce the severity of symptoms, it begs the question — what is being protected?

I won’t tell anyone what to do, but I do urge you to take the time to review the science and weigh the potential risks and benefits before making a decision that may have permanent repercussions for the rest of your life.


A War on (Free) Natural Immunity

Photo by Bertrand Borie via Unsplash

This article was originally published here.

As I am typing this, we are on the receiving end of a top-down war on everything that’s natural, be it natural free expression, natural immunity, or natural ability at large.

Different aspects of today’s bizarre reality are connected like pieces of a puzzle. The trendy political correctness, for example, draws from the same logical root as vaccinating people with natural immunity.

How so? Well, political correctness exists to ensure that conversational spaces are safe spaces — and the need to make them safe is based on the premise that human beings are not capable of navigating unregulated conversational spaces without being harmed. Those who are capable of doing so should act as if they are not.

The assumption here is that the natural ability to deal with unregulated conversations does not exist, is not necessary to develop, and mentioning the need for it is cruel. Similarly, forcing the famous medical product on those with natural immunity is based on the premise that artificial immunity is superior to natural immunity.

Furthermore, the strong push for the product, combined with an attack on anyone who even squeaks about comparable benefits of anything natural — be it a healthy life style or actual natural immunity — presumes that artificial tools and mechanisms should be used to replace the natural ability of the body to stand up to pathogens.

And similarly, both an expectation of natural immunity in anyone and a refusal to supersede or replace one’s natural immunity with an artificial one are framed as cruel. I posit that in logical and commercial terms, this war on the natural world, natural immunity — and natural ability at large — can be explained with clarity in terms of what is known as the “blue ocean strategy,” with an infusion of transhumanist ideology of human body as a [product] platform.

The blue ocean strategy is a business strategy that proposes creating a brand new market out of thin air and dominating it (a blue ocean) — as opposed to trying to compete in an existing market (an ocean red with blood).

Here’s how it applies to natural immunity. A healthy person with a natural immunity might be a happy person — but to a 2021 biotech entrepreneur, who views the human body as a market to dominate, he is a sheer insult. From the standpoint of that entrepreneur, replacing the default natural immunity of the past millions years with a fully artificial tool that requires a “subscription” throughout one’s entire lifetime (see “variants” and “boosters”) is desirable.

Replacing the default natural immunity with an artificial tool is a very successful case of creating a brand new market (“artificial immunity market”) out of air. A life-long subscription to artificial immunity, with an ever-expanding range of necessary “upgrades,” is a lot more profitable than some rookie traditional shop selling vitamins. Even better, if artificial immunity destroys the natural immunity, customer loyalty is guaranteed. See how elegant?

Somewhat similarly, the notion that people can say what they think, and everyone officially survives unscarred, does not help sell censorship or behavioral modification as a means of “protecting others.”

If, on the other hand, people are officially deemed as lacking the ability to talk over differences or to process information and make reasonable sense of it — or if people’s natural ability to communicate with others in a healthy way is artificially impaired through social distancing, face wearables, and political correctness — lots of new needs are generated right then and there.

Among other things, it opens new market opportunities for mass scale “mental health management systems” and the behavioral modification tools, including behavioral modification software, known as “digital vaccines.” Now, let’s look at the other side of it. Let’s look at the economy at large from the psychological perspective of an extremely wealthy person, trillionaire-level wealthy.

A question: Who are we, regular citizens, to the people with near-unlimited financial and political power? Who are we to those who can invest into their vision almost infinitely, and thus shape our society and perception?

It seems like to the people with the most financial and political resources, we are four things: One, we are clay from which they like to mold their play reality, creating worlds and wars, experimenting, and testing out hypotheses. Two, we are the labor, producers of goods and services.

Three, we are the consumers, buying stuff that their production facilities have produced and contributing to the semblance of a functioning market, even though they make most of their money on extraction and speculation. And four, we are a natural resource, like land or water.

Historically, during the times of feudalism, we were mostly one and two. Then, when the industrial revolution happened, number three was added to the list due to the sudden drop in production costs and an increase in the amount of stuff that could be made on the conveyor.

And now, we are approaching the phrase where number four becomes very interesting to the most powerful people of our planet. Robotics is mighty, fewer people are needed to make things — and what to do with all the useless eaters?

Well, see, in an artificial world, everything is possible, and useless eaters are not so useless in a fully controlled environment, as long as they are viewed as data bundles, also known as digital twins. As long as they have “needs” (as defined by the people seeking to profit), the “improvement” of their condition can be plugged into various impact investment models, and then our useless eaters they become very useful!

Here is how this economic system works: Let’s say, the “government” — in quotes, because in the 4IR model, the government could be theoretically a software program — generates currency as needed.

Our useless eaters, of course, get universal basic income on the condition of doing what they are told. But their most valuable asset to the economy is their “needs.” I don’t mean their actual human needs — but “needs,” as defined by some kind of World Economic Forum-like set of formal parameters.

Perhaps they are prone to getting infected with a virus and need v-s? Or maybe their mental health does not meet the numerically defined markers? Or else they could possibly be in need of behavioral modification, such as getting treated for meat addiction, because climate change? So many markets! So many opportunities! And who then steps in to improve their condition?

The most nepotistic corporations, of course, through public-public partnerships. So first, the “government,” working with NGOs, funded by the very corporations seeking to profit, announces an important public “need.”

The most nepotistic corporations then receive piles of currency from the “government” to solve those “needs,” from developing housing projects to developing patented artificial foods to creating gene therapies and behavioral modification programs. Those things are then dumped onto the useless eaters, regardless of what they think of it.

And so the useless eaters get stuff “for free” but they cannot choose, and their bodies are part-owned by corporations. Which, if it really goes this way, puts us back into the Soviet Union with a dystopian twist (and that has nothing to do with isms).

And since human beings are not designed to live like mechanical soldiers or remote-controlled meatbags, and this will lead to a very bleak society if we let it happen, we better wake up to the anatomy of how the New Normal really works, and soon. The end.