Fluoride Exposure May Contribute to Early Puberty

By Dr. Mercola

Up until the 1990s, no research study had actually ever been carried out to identify the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland– a small gland situated between the two hemispheres of the brain that regulates the manufacturing of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that assists control the start of adolescence and aids safeguard the body from cell damage caused by totally free radicals.
It is now understood– many thanks to the thorough study of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England– that the pineal gland is the key target of fluoride buildup within your body.
After locating that the pineal gland is a significant target for fluoride build-up in human beings, Dr. Luke performed pet experiments to figure out if the built up fluoride might impact the functioning of the gland– particularly the gland’s regulation of melatonin.
Luke found that animals treated with fluoride had reduced degrees of flowing melatonin, as reflected by lowered degrees of melatonin metabolites in the pets’ urine. This reduced level of distributing melatonin was accompanied– as might be anticipated– by an earlier start of the age of puberty in the fluoride-treated women animals.
United state women are reaching the age of puberty at more youthful ages than in the past. In the 1990s, breast advancement– the first sign of adolescence in girls– at age 8 was taken into consideration an uncommon event that ought to be explored by an endocrinologist.
By 1999, adhering to a 1997 research study that found nearly half of African Americans and 15 percent of whites had actually begun bust development by age 8, the Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society suggested changing what is seen as “normal.”.
Instead of acknowledging that women reaching the age of puberty at significantly younger ages is an indicator that something is wrong, some “experts” prefer to just alter the definition of what’s taken into consideration normal!
In reality, something is wrong, extremely incorrect, when 5-, 6- and 8-year-old ladies are starting adolescence. Some research studies have even found ladies as young as 2 who are beginning sex-related development.
Not only do these youngsters have to take care of an unfairly enhanced threat of bust cancer down the road, but they lose valuable years of their childhood years due to the fact that their bodies have grown quicker than their minds.

What is Causing Early Puberty?

There are likely countless aspects contributing to this phenomenon, but one is certainly environmental chemicals. In addition to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (BPA, phthalates, PFOA (Teflon)) and PCBs, fluoride has also been suggested.
Fluoride has been added to the U.S. water system for as long– and has been extensively hoisted upon individuals all over the world for its meant benefit to teeth– that rarely any individual hesitates about it.
Well, this was not always the case. In 1944, LP Anthony, DDS editor of the Journal of the American Dental Association, said: “Fluoride is a very poisonous substance … “.
Prior to that, in 1936, a post in the Journal of the American Dental Association mentioned that fluoride at the 1 ppm (component per million) focus is as poisonous as arsenic and lead.
The Journal of the American Medical Association also stated in their September 18, 1943 problem that fluorides are basic protoplasmic poisons that change the permeability of the cell membrane by certain enzymes.
And, an editorial released in the Journal of the American Dental Association, October 1, 1944, stated:.
” Drinking water consisting of as little as 1.2 ppm fluoride will create developmental disruptions. We can not risk of creating such major systemic disruptions. The potentialities for harm exceed those for good.”.
Others, too, have attempted to get the word out about the threats of fluoride, including Christopher Bryson, the author of The Fluoride Deception, who has recently called the extensive promo of fluoride “scientific fraud on a worldwide and grand range.”.
Yet, this component, or as some may call it, this caustic industrial chemical, is purposely added to about two-thirds of U.S. public water products. For individuals residing in these locations, fluoride is a part of every glass of water, every bathroom and shower, and every meal prepared making use of that water.
In the UK, at the same time, 42 institutions have determined it is a great concept to add fluoride to youngsters’s milk in schools. And some of you may also think that the fluoride treatments supplied by your dental expert are an excellent idea.
Well, it’s time to lose this misconception once and for all.

Fluoride is the Active Toxin in Rat Poisons and Cockroach Powder.

Sound judgment would certainly determine, then, that this can not be a good idea to place in your body, and your impulses would certainly be right.
As soon as inside your body, fluoride destroys your enzymes by changing their shape. You may remember that your body relies on countless enzymes to do different cell reactions, and without these enzymes, we would certainly all pass away. They have the ability to do their reactions because they have a certain form that enables them to collaborate with various other aspects in your body, like a lock and secret.
As soon as fluoride destroys their shape, nonetheless, your body does not recognize the enzymes, and actually will certainly watch them as foreign invaders and attempt to strike them.
When your enzymes are damaged, it can bring about collagen failure, dermatitis, cells damages, skin wrinkling, hereditary damages, and immune suppression. It can likewise trigger problems with your:.

Body immune system.
Gastrointestinal system.
Respiratory system.
Blood circulation.

Kidney function.
Liver function.
Mind feature.
Thyroid feature.

Studies from China have actually even confirmed that elevated fluoride direct exposure leads to minimized I.Q. in youngsters. This is understandable when you think about that also at levels as low as 1 ppm, researches have actually shown direct harmful impacts on brain cells, including:.

Reduction in lipid content.
Impaired anti-oxidant protection systems.
Damage to your hippocampus.
Damage to your purkinje cells.
Increased uptake of light weight aluminum.
Formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic mind problem in Alzheimer” s disease).
Buildup of fluoride in your pineal gland.

This last result is entirely in correlation with the research study of Dr. Jennifer Luke, which suggests that fluoride influences your pineal gland’s regulation of melatonin, and this might contribute to the very early beginning of puberty.

All of These Risks, and it Doesn’t Even Help Your Teeth!

Plainly risks as severe as those above would not validate protecting against a few cavities, yet, fluoride does not also do that.
Figures from the World Health Organization show the same decreases in dental cavity that have actually been experienced in fluoridated countries because the 1960s have taken place equally in non-fluoridated nations.
In an additional research study from 2004, pro-fluoridation dental researchers from the University of Aderlaide in South Australia were not able to show any difference in the long-term teeth in between children that had lived all their lives consuming fluoridated water and those that had drunk rainfall or bottled water.
What does fluoride do to your teeth, after that?
Well, it’s understood that it interferes with the development of tooth enamel, a problem called “dental fluorosis.” Those for fluoride like to claim that fluorosis is a totally “aesthetic condition,” however hardly ever do signs stand for no reason.
In this case, the white places that form on your teeth after eating too much fluoride are most likely an indication that cells are being impacted. Studies have revealed, for example, that youngsters with severe dental fluorosis are most likely to have bone cracks.
The Environmental Working Group even reported a finding from a Harvard PhD thesis that revealed children subjected to fluoridated water when they were between the ages of 6 and 8 had a seven-fold raised risk of developing osteosarcoma, a type of frequently deadly bone cancer cells.
If you’re asking yourself just how to maintain your teeth healthy, remember that fluoride was never ever the solution in the first place. Rather, want to your diet regimen for naturally healthy teeth. The majority of individuals whose diet regimen consists of really little sugar and few processed foods have extremely low prices of tooth degeneration.
When it comes to just how to obtain poisonous fluoride out of your drinking water, routine carbon-based purification will certainly NOT work. Regarding the only way to remove this poisonous chemical from your water is to utilize a reverse osmosis filter.

Other Hidden Sources of Fluoride.

If you have any kind of non-stick pans, the minute you start to heat them they will begin to volatilize fluoride as that is the polymer that makes them “non-sticky.” The higher the heat, the more fluoride you will have in your home. Do yourself a favor and get rid of all of your non-stick pots and pans.

” Drinking water including as little as 1.2 ppm fluoride will certainly cause developing disturbances. Once inside your body, fluoride destroys your enzymes by transforming their shape. If you’re questioning exactly how to maintain your teeth healthy, remember that fluoride was never ever the answer in the initial place. Most people whose diet regimen includes really little sugar and few refined foods have extremely low rates of tooth degeneration.
The greater the heat, the more fluoride you will certainly have in your home.