LA Rolls Out Digital Vaccine Verification

Los Angeles has started to use digital receipts for people who have gotten a COVID-19 vaccination. Although this may feel like just one more step integrating digital record-keeping, it goes well beyond and ultimately has a much larger goal.
Digital health passports and vaccine verifications are just the beginning of data collection and social engineering designed to change your behavior and control your movements. The maneuver has been called the Great Reset and “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” referring to the merging of digital, physical and biological systems.
At the center of this data collection and social engineering is artificial intelligence, which is a key component to effective surveillance. You might have thought the current state of artificial intelligence is not prepared to handle the vast amount of data that health passports can collect, but you would be wrong.
Likewise, just one year ago it might have been difficult to imagine widespread acceptance of cellphone apps to collect your vaccination status and convert it into a health passport, yet, under the context of a pandemic, it is suddenly perceived as necessary for public health.
The development and delivery of health passports as the new normal has been part of the plan for the Commons Project, which began developing software that tracks medical data long before the COVID-19 pandemic.1
First Step in Data Collection: Digital Vaccine Verification

The first steps for data collection begin with your health passport, which is not about disease transmission but, rather, surveillance and control. LA is taking this step with their digital vaccine verifications, which on the surface appear innocuous, and maybe even reasonable.
NBC News calls it an “intuitive idea.”2 The Los Angeles digital iPhone receipt is being launched with tech firm Healthvana using an app that can be stored in an Apple wallet or the Android equivalent. The initial aim is ostensibly to document people who get the first shot, so they also get the required booster. However, as Daily Mail writes and quotes Healthvana CEO:3

“But the digital receipt could also be used ‘to prove to airlines, to prove to schools, to prove to whoever needs it,’ that a person has been vaccinated, Healthvana CEO Ramin Bastani told Bloomberg.”

As technology groups hail the emergence of these digital verifications as a hope to streamline the two-step vaccination process, privacy groups continue to warn of the potential future invasions of privacy from government and private companies who can harvest data and medical information from health passports. In a statement, the advocacy group Privacy International warns:4

“This great moment of hope must not be seen opportunistically as yet another data grab. The deployment of vaccines, and in particular any “immunity passport” or certificate linked to the vaccination, must respect human rights.

As we’ve had to remind governments repeatedly over the last 10 months, and 30 years, such stealth opportunism by governments and companies will undermine trust and confidence, particularly at this time when they’re needed more than ever.”

Early in the pandemic in May 2020, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warned:5

“It is one thing for an employee to voluntarily disclose their COVID-19 status to an employer on a one-off basis. But it is another for that information to be collected and retained, either by the government or by private companies offering immunity certifications, depending on how any immunity passport system in the U.S. is implemented.

The existing legal framework may not be sufficient to prevent this information from being shared, especially if it is held by private entities.

Once an immunity surveillance infrastructure is created for one purpose, there may be mission creep and moves to expand it into other contexts … As a result, immunity status may be stored with other personal details, such as travel, employment, or housing information, heightening the intrusiveness of an immunity passport system.

As tempting as immunity passports may be for policymakers who want a quick fix to restart economic activity in the face of widespread suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, they present both public health and civil rights concerns that cannot be overlooked.”

No Proof Vaccination Prevents Viral Transmission

Businesses that are desperate to regain financial footing have suggested passports may be a stopgap measure. For instance, Ticketmaster announced it would offer an option to “allow event organizers to require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test.”6
However, the company was forced to reverse its decision after public outcry. They issued a statement clarifying their position, “there is absolutely no requirement from Ticketmaster mandating vaccines/testing for future events.”7
Business Insider reports the World Health Organization is continuing to urge people to self-quarantine when they travel since there isn’t enough evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine can prevent transmission of the virus.8 Their chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan spoke in a virtual briefing, saying:9

“At the moment I don’t believe we have enough evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident it will prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on. I think until we know more we need to assume that people who have been vaccinated need to take the same precautions till there is a certain level of herd immunity.”

The question is whether the vaccine can prevent asymptomatic transmissions, helping to protect more than the people who take the vaccine. One virologist is planning such a study but still needs funding and cooperation from the pharmaceutical companies.
Dr. Larry Corey, virologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, proposes to sign up college students to receive one of two vaccines or a placebo injection.10 Corey pitched the idea to a public-private partnership and received enthusiastic support. However, the plan can’t be finalized until it receives buy-in from the pharmaceutical industry and he finds a funding partner.
Although the study would be expensive, Corey’s top concern is convincing Moderna or Pfizer to participate. Moderna’s chief medical officer believes their vaccine will reduce transmission, absent any scientific proof, saying:11

“Our results show that this vaccine can prevent you from being sick. It can prevent you from being severely sick. They do not show that they prevent you from potentially carrying this virus and transiently infecting others. When we start the deployment of this vaccine we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission.

Do I believe it reduces transmission? Absolutely yes … but, absent proof, I think it’s important that we don’t change behaviors solely on the basis of vaccination.”

Next Step in the Great Reset Is Your Health Passport

In this disturbing short video, the World Economic Forum’s “charismatic German leader” Klaus Schwab describes the Great Reset in terms of finding “social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality” through Marxist principles.
In other words, it’s a massive public relations and propaganda campaign to destroy capitalism and move control out of your hands and into the hands of those seeking power and control. November 10, 2016, the World Economic Forum published an article in Forbes titled, “Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy and Life Has Never Been Better.”12
In it they describe living in a world where you will own nothing, have no privacy and be grateful that your humanity has been stripped away. Most telling is a short paragraph near the end of this ominous picture of life under the control of Marxist leaders:

“Once in a while I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.”

This is the focus of the “Great Reset,” “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or “Build Back Better,” each of which are terms used to tell the story of how you should want your life to change so that others can control what you think, want, buy and how you live. Only in this way will you experience “social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality.”
However, as one commenter wrote, “He says a reset but I can bet you his wealth and position won’t get reset.” And another points out, “The great reset while sounding like a good way to go, a fairer society with equal opportunity for all, but it’ll be run by the same people … how fair do you think it will really be?”13
As with most social change there must be a catalyst, and those pushing for the Great Reset are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of encouraging the public to change their behavior and accept control “for the greater good.” The frame of reference is that if you don’t change your behavior then you don’t care about your neighbor, family, friends and relatives.
This means because, if you did care, then you would want everyone to wear masks, get the vaccine and use a health passport so the spread of a ubiquitous virus can be “controlled” and life can be reset to the “new normal.” On the face of it, using digital health verifications may seem harmless and even sensible, but make no mistake, it is the next step in shaping your behavior.
This Is Not About Disease Transmission

As journalist James Corbett illustrates, the Great Reset is “working as some sort of marketing tool for the very old ideas of centralization of control into fewer hands, globalization [and] transformation of society through Orwellian surveillance technologies.”14 It is not about reducing disease transmission, lowering death rates or ensuring public health.
Tied to gaining control of your health and finances is also the desire to read your thoughts to control behavior. At a World Economic Forum meeting in 2016, panelists discussed brain scanning and brain mapping to be used by the legal system, a process that has been used in India where a brain scan was used to criminally convict someone.15 J. Peter Rosenfeld, psychologist and neuroscientist at Northwestern University, calls this “incredible.”16

“Technologies which are neither seriously peer-reviewed nor independently replicated are not, in my opinion, credible. The fact that an advanced and sophisticated democratic society such as India would actually convict persons based on an unproven technology is even more incredible.”

Jack Gallant, head of The Gallant Lab at UC Berkeley, believes it’s just a matter of time before there will be portable brain decoding technology that “decodes language as fast as you can text on your cellphone”: “Everyone will wear them, because people have shown that they’re quite willing to give up privacy for convenience.”17
The process through which this is all being funneled was developed by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., a psychologist who studied and perfected sales techniques.18 His theory revolves around getting people to say “yes.” The more you say “yes,” the more likely it is you’ll say yes to the next request. He postulated and proved it’s easier to get someone to agree with you if you start small. Colin Shaw, founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC, describes the process this way:19

“Suppose I want you to give me $100. If I ask you for $100, you are probably going to say no. You likely have a rule about not giving people $100 when they ask for it. However, if I ask for $1, you would probably say yes. I get more than $1 you give me, though; I get you used to the idea of giving me money when I ask for it.

Then, once we have established that you would give me money, I ask for more the next time, like $20. Since you had already given me $1, you might think, “Well, what’s a little bit more?” Bit by bit, I work my way up to $100, starting with gaining your commitment early at a lower amount.”

Each small step seems reasonable and may be an action you could support. But, ultimately, the goal is greater than getting $1, wearing a mask or downloading a health passport. Ultimately, the goal is to get the public to agree to give up their basic human rights, to live under Marxist rule where you have no control and artificial intelligence knows you better than you know yourself.
Make no mistake, when it comes to vaccinations, this is a likely scenario, which may create legal prejudice and segregation, isolating those who do not choose to vaccinate — a far cry from Schwab’s description of “social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality.”
How to Resist the Great Reset

If this seems too much like Star Wars and not possible in your lifetime, you need only listen to Klaus Schwab describe how “we can build a new social contract particularly integrating the next generation”20 or understand that the technology to create such a world already exists and “people have shown that they’re quite willing to give up privacy for convenience.”21
In this short video above, Corbett interviews Howard Lichtman from who succinctly outlines how citizens can engage with the police to exercise their rights. As Lichtman points out, “A right not exercised is a right lost.” It is the responsibility of every citizen to decide for themselves and then act responsibly on that decision.
His focus is on ending police enforcement of victimless crimes, such as mask wearing and lockdowns, while fixing attention on proper policing of crimes involving victims, such as theft, murder and rape.22

“The biggest problem with policing isn’t the police. It’s the politicians and bureaucrats that use legislation and executive orders, forcing the police to raise revenue on their friends and neighbors, to arrest peaceful people for victimless crimes, and steal money, vehicles and property using civil asset forfeiture.”

In his interview with Corbett, Lichtman points out it isn’t the police departments who are responsible for much of the poor relations with the public but, rather, politicians whose social engineering intent is speeding society toward the World Economic Forum’s ideal world of 2030.23

“It really is the politicians that are trying to force the police to use violence and be immoral to either raise revenue, or social engineering or what I would call economic warfare based on disease models that are already proven to be flawed and incorrect.”

I encourage you to also watch one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen with Barbara Loe Fisher, who inspires you to take up the cause and join the fight for vaccine freedom and independence. For more information about how you can participate, see “Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel.”