The Plan for a Global System of Slavery

Just how do you market and apply an economic system that no one would certainly want if they comprehended its full ramifications– a change so big that it not only would imply completion of money as we know it, however an overall alteration of sovereignty and individual legal rights?

In the meeting over, which belongs to the unabridged documentary, “Planet Lockdown,” 1 economic expert Catherine Austin Fitts– author of The Solari Report2– explains the challenging, “untidy” plan to make use of the existing healthcare dilemma to craft a total remake of world money and our entire lifestyle.

Contrasting the relocate to herding sheep to a slaughterhouse, Fitts discusses just how the pandemic is lining people approximately depend on their federal governments for protection from an unseen enemy (COVID-19) and then using fear to keep individuals from living what once was thought about a normal life.

The herd mindset consists of encouraging debt entrapment to the point that individuals come to be desperate for any kind of capital that can help them meet their daily living expenses, until they voluntarily give up their rights in exchange for any kind of alleviation offered to them.

The bottom line is that an enslavement system, soaked in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, is being produced right under the noses of individuals of the world– and the current lockdowns, closing of small businesses and the redefinition of “regular” are all component of a planned international governance system that will certainly end sovereignty and specific legal rights, unless it’s stopped currently.
The End of Currencies
As discussed by Fitts, the reserve banks are presently functioning to bring a new economic deal system online. This would be CBDCs, aka reserve bank electronic currencies. This is one of the reasons that I highly think that holding crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot, can offer to safeguard you from their plan. Not just will they value by anywhere from 10 to 100 times, however they are decentralized and can immunize you and your family members against this nefarious plan.

The new system is not yet completely prepared, so while they’re speeding up the roll-out of that system– which Fitts describes as “the end of money”– they’re also trying to prolong the life of the existing system, which is crashing.

The trouble, as discussed previously, is exactly how do you apply an economic system, globally, no much less, that no one wants? You scare individuals with an undetectable opponent, such as an infection, and after that profit from that anxiety, stating that this brand-new system is necessary due to the fact that the pandemic destroyed the old system.

The pandemic also permits the implementation of brand-new, extra intrusive surveillance systems. There’s the tracking and mapping of infections, obviously, however that’s not all. As noted by Fitts, “If you can get individuals to do their job and education and learning online, you can pay attention to everything they’re claiming.”

Already, pandemic measures have severely limited individuals’s capability to gather together and share information face-to-face. Net censorship by Big Tech has decimated info sharing also additionally. Ultimately, what they’re trying to do is obtain individuals to buy right into a solution prior to they comprehend the full implications of doing so.
The Central Bank Digital Currency
Notably, it’s a deal system that is not based on money in the method we recognize it. As explained by Fitts, it’s a social control system.

An August 13, 2020, article3 on the Federal Reserve site discusses the supposed benefits of a CBDC. There’s basic agreement amongst specialists that many major countries will execute CBDC within the following 2 to 4 years. Many assume these new CBDCs will certainly be really comparable to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but that’s not the instance.

Federal governments might limit it, however they might never ever take it down as it is the best computer network in the globe and is incapable of being taken down. Lots of experts anticipate it will certainly go up one more 10 times in the following year.

While decentralized cryptos like Bitcoin are a logical strategy to opt out of the existing reserve bank regulated system, the CBDC will be streamlined and totally controlled by the central banks. They will certainly have “smart agreements” that enable the financial institutions to surveil and control your life.

Everything you deal will certainly be monitored, and punishment can be meted out if a deal, your habits or even your ideas are deemed unwanted. As described by Fitts, the transhumanist agenda is likewise part of this. Through the usage of injections or some various other ways of getting biosensors right into you, your actual physical body will be connected, essentially, to the economic system.

Currently, there are 4 pilot CBDC programs underway at the People’s Bank of China, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Bank of Korea and Sveriges (Sweden’s) Riksbank. The Sand Dollar CBDC task in the Bahamas is already real-time.4 As kept in mind in a December 30, 2020, short article on

” 2021 will certainly … see many reserve banks remain to step up their growth efforts … CBDC research study and layout initiatives have expanded strongly throughout 2020. The European Central Bank (ECB) is intensifying its service a digital euro, while … the U.S. Federal Reserve system remains in the middle of a number of research study tasks, among others partnering with MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative.”.

What Have the Lockdowns Achieved?

According to Fitts, the function behind the lockdowns is to substantially streamline financial and political control. In short, the goal of the lockdowns is to make people depending on federal government aid by ruining their ability to earn an independent earnings. She offers the following example:.

” We have 100 tiny companies on Main Street in a neighborhood.
The people on Main Street have to keep settling their bank card or their home loan, so they’re in a debt trap, and they’re desperate to obtain cash flow to cover their financial debts and everyday costs.
In the meantime, you have the government get institute a form of measurable reducing where they’re acquiring corporate bonds and the men that are using up the market share can basically fund at 0% to 1%, while everybody on Main Street are paying 16% to 17% interest on their credit cards without earnings. Basically, you’ve got them over the barrel and you can take away their market share …”.
A War Like No Other.
Since the start of the pandemic around March 2020, the greatest transfer of wide range has actually taken location, from the middle class to the most affluent among us. Back in August 2020, Bloomberg reported6 that even more than fifty percent of all little business proprietors feared their services wouldn’t endure.
According to a September 2020 economic influence report7 by Yelp, 163,735 U.S. services had actually closed their doors as of August 31, 2020, and of those, 60%– a total of 97,966 businesses– were permanent closures.8 Meanwhile, the collective wide range of 651 billionaires in the U.S. has actually climbed by greater than 36% ($ 1 trillion) considering that the start of the pandemic.9.

As noted by Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, “Never in the past has actually America seen such an accumulation of riches in so few hands.” 10 A December 14, 2020, article11 in The Defender reviews who has actually gained from pandemic measures the most, from the money and tech markets to the pharmaceutical and military-intelligence sectors.

” I would certainly define COVID-19 as … the organization of the control required to transform the planet from democratic processes to technocracy,” Fitts states. “What we’re viewing is a modification in control, and the design of new control systems. Think of this as a successful stroke d’├ętat.”.

Basically, the infection will be criticized for all our financial destruction, from the disintegration of our social safety funds to the empty coffers in the treasury, and the solution will certainly be to transition into this technocratic control system disguised as a brand-new, more convenient monetary transaction system.
Troubles as a Real Estate Acquisition Plan.
In her meeting, Fitts also describes study done by her group that reveals the rioting that took place in 2020 mostly took place in chance areas in cities that have a central bank place. The U.S. Economic Development Administration explains possibility zones as “an economically-distressed community where personal financial investments, under specific conditions, might be eligible for funding gain tax obligation rewards.” 12.

Fitts is a bit blunter in her description, saying possibility zones are a tax obligation shelter device that enables affluent individuals to prevent funding gains tax obligation when selling off stock. By rolling the proceeds over right into opportunity zone financial investments, they can prevent paying capital gains tax obligation. “So, this is wonderfully profitable,” she claims, including:.

” When I first saw how all the structures and services damaged … were right at the bottom of the chance zone, I began to laugh and I said, ‘I was assistant secretary of real estate. That’s not a riot pattern, that’s a property purchase strategy.'”.

Essentially, by shutting down personal businesses in the opportunity areas, and after that robbery and essentially burning them to the ground sometimes, those services and structures can be purchased up for next to nothing. “It’s called disaster commercialism,” Fitts says.

Now, 34 of the 37 U.S. cities that have a federal reserve bank branch were damaged by riots. Why is this essential? And be restored with smart modern technology– a need for a well-functioning technocratic system– built in since currently that real estate can be acquired on the inexpensive.

” This makes constructing out the wise cities around the reserve bank more affordable,” Fitts describes, “which I assume you’ll intend to do if you’re going to bring out a [central bank] crypto system.”.

From Freedom to Digital Slavery.
As mentioned earlier, the transhumanist agenda is component technocracy. The keynote is to place biosensors into every person, which Fitts claims can be equated to an os, which is then linked to the cloud and various other digitized systems, such as the health care and financial systems. Fitts discusses:.

” You’re generally discussing having the ability to digitally identify and track individuals in connection with their economic deals. It’s a world of absolutely no personal privacy. Yet extra notably … if you then institute one or more reserve bank cryptos, you’re now talking about a system where every reserve bank worldwide can close you off independently from transacting if they do not such as the way you’re acting.
Many individuals know with the social debt system in China. It’s very similar. If you install a wise grid right into their vehicle, their community, and currently essentially in their body, you have 24/7 monitoring and if people do not do what you claim and act the means you want, you can turn off their cash.
You additionally have spatial control. If you claim individuals can not take a trip greater than 5 miles, that’s it, because they’re in a complete electronic control system … So, this system features control of not only your capacity to negotiate economically … but additionally really advanced mind control through the media and those cloud connections.
So, transhumanism and technocracy go together. I would certainly explain this as an enslavement system. We’re discussing shifting out of freedom where we have freedom to state and wander what we desire, to a complete control system 24/7.”.

Human Resource Management.
As described by Fitts, the technocratic view of humanity is extremely different from the sight the majority of us have of what it suggests to be human. A lot of will most likely concur with Fitts, who thinks humans are sovereign beings that are cost-free by magnificent authority. This is the view preserved in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Technocracy, on the various other hand, views humans as a natural deposit, no different from an oil down payment or livestock, and they are to be used because of this. Human beings may be more or less effective than a robot, as an example, depending upon the task available, and efficiency trumps humanity.

We’re discussing a world where many people are under 24/7 surveillance and then their financial rewards and their economic power is associated with how mannerly they are. ~ Catherine Austin Fitts.

To reduce problems within this personnel monitoring system, there needs to be maximum conformity with minimal effort, and this is where social design through media propaganda (indoctrination), censorship and expert system can be found in. For the most part, once completely applied, the control system will be completely automated.

If you miss your inoculation day, as an example, the system will recognize and accessibility to financial could be cut off until it signs up that you obtained your shot. There doesn’t even require to be another human involved, due to the fact that your physical body, wellness documents, geolocation, financials and tasks are all connected and trackable in genuine time by artificial intelligence-driven software that assesses whatever you do.

” The Chinese have a system called the social credit report system and it’s very much connected their financial transactions and different capacities– traveling and [being able to do] other things– with their behavior …
We’re discussing a globe where lots of people are under 24/7 monitoring and after that their monetary motivations and their financial power is related to how mannerly they are.
I would certainly describe it essentially as an enslavement system, because there’s no individual flexibility. So, to a particular extent, what technocracy will certainly do is transform us right into a similar sort of system as the Chinese social credit scores system.”.

According to Fitts, the technocrats do not also consider themselves as belonging to mankind any longer. They see themselves as different and exceptional to the remainder people. And, in the future, they unquestionably will be, as clinical innovations and life extension innovation are perfected.
Transparency Is the Answer.
The bright side is that while the trap has actually been sprung, the door has not yet closed. And, as Fitts notes, “transparency can blow the game.” If sufficient people end up recognizing what’s truly taking place and what the objective of this “Great Reset” is, they will not have the ability to execute it.

The technocratic elite require us all to passively acquiesce, since there are much more of us than there are of them. We’re expanding to approve work and travel restrictions. We’re growing to accept government informing us where and how we can celebrate vacations, and with whom.

As noted by Fitts, slavery is one of the most lucrative organization in the history of the world, and with modern innovation, complete control is currently possible. Any and all disobedience can be appeased. Innovation additionally allows a much smaller group of people to possess significant power over the masses.

That stated, it’s critical to realize that we are in fact the ones funding and helping build the extremely control system that is suggested to oppress us. If we quit acquiring their products and we quit working for them, they can not construct the system.

” The remedy is for everybody to find tidy,” Fitts claims. “You’re either for the transhumanist slavery system, or you’re for a human system. If you’re for a human system, then you’re going to have to discover a method to earn money, and involve socially, in the human system, and quit building a transhuman system …
Don’t help the federal government develop Operation Warp Speed. Don’t assist [Large Tech] determine exactly how to infuse nanoparticles into your body and hook them as much as the cloud. Do not help Big Pharma make injections that are poisoning American kids to death.
Don’t help Big Ag make and expand GMO foods that are poisoning America. Do not assist the federal government institute corrupt health and wellness crises policies that are truly disaster capitalism and making billionaires rich. And on and on and on.”.

We’ve done this before. The natural motion, for example, was built by typical individuals that decided to place their time and money into a food system that lined up with their basic worths. Because of this, we have alternatives today when it comes to food. It’s not all GMOs and fake food. If we want to live totally free, we now have to act upon that desire, thoroughly rebuilding exactly how we engage and live in order to minimize our payment to the transhumanist technocratic control system.

As clarified by Fitts, the main financial institutions are presently working to bring a new economic purchase system online. As discussed by Fitts, it’s a social control system. The basic concept is to place biosensors right into everyone, which Fitts claims can be related to an operating system, which is then attached to the cloud and other digitized systems, such as the health care and financial systems. “You’re either for the transhumanist slavery system, or you’re for a human system. If you’re for a human system, after that you’re going to have to find a method to make cash, and engage socially, in the human system, and quit building a transhuman system …
Don’t help assist government federal government Operation Warp Speed.