Weekly Health Quiz: Vaccines, Minerals and Freedom


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1 The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits Congress from:

Making laws

Making laws that protect freedom of speech
Making laws that ensure a free press

Making laws that restrict freedom of speech
According to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …” Elected officials in Congress who are calling for censorship are breaking the law. Learn more.


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2 Which country became the first to require vaccine certificates for entry into many public spaces?


Israel became the first country to require vaccine certificates for entry into restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, swimming pools and other public venues. Activists warn it’s become a two-tiered society where the unvaccinated are now ostracized. Learn more.



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3 The bottled water crisis may be outpaced by a mask crisis not only because their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment, but also because masks:
May be contaminated with viruses

Are not being recycled


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Not only are masks not being recycled, but their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment. Learn more.

Are clogging drain pipes

Are not yet recognized as a source of pollution

4 Which of the following American companies played a central role in the Holocaust by facilitating the identification and tracking of Jews?


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IBM aided the Nazi regime in its efforts to eradicate Jews. Without its information technology, Hitler would not have been able to accomplish this genocide at the scale he was able to. Learn more.

Samsung Electronics

5 The origin of the COVID-19 pandemic is still an open question, but a number of U.S. officials, including former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, former deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger and former lead investigator for the U.S. State Department’s COVID-19 task force David Asher, have stated the most likely theory that SARS-CoV-2 is the result of:

Intentional release of a bioweapon

Natural mutation from zoonotic origin

Natural mutation of human cold virus

A laboratory accident

A number of U.S. officials have admitted that the lab-accident theory either remains the most credible, or needs to remain an option open for inquiry. Learn more.

6 Not getting enough minerals in your diet may be just as damaging as:

Eating an unhealthy diet

DiNicolantonio believes that not getting enough minerals in your diet can be just as damaging as eating an unhealthy diet focused on sugar and seed oils. Learn more.

Staying up late

Exposure to pollutants

Riding a bicycle without a helmet

7 When you need a root canal procedure, which of the following dental professionals should you see?
A conventional dentist (general dentistry)

An endodontist using regenerative technologies such as ozone and laser therapy
If you need a root canal procedure, see an endodontist who is trained in the use of regenerative technologies such as ozone and laser therapy. Learn more.

An orthodontist

A periodontist specializing in holistic dentistry



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