Weekly Health Quiz: Vaccines, Technocrats and Masks

1 Which of the following has NOT been offered as an incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.?

Free doughnuts and pizza

Free marijuana

A free mansion in Beverly Hills

Vaccination incentives in the U.S., include free junk food, arcade tokens, 10-cent beer, free state park season passes, free Uber and Lyft rides, free marijuana and Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets, a chance to win a full scholarship and even $1 million giveaway. So far, no one has offered up a free mansion in Beverly Hills. Learn more.

$1 million lottery giveaway

2 Which of the following companies maintains vast stores of databases, has the ability to connect them all, and is working with DARPA to create a supercomputer, thereby making a U.S. social credit system based on data surveillance possible?





Oracle manages databases for COVID-19 cases, vaccine data and clinical trial data, the U.S. national security database and databases for the CIA, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and the National Security Agency, plus banking, and a host of commercial databases. Oracle Labs is also partnered with DARPA to create an interconnected supercomputer. Vaccine passports are part of a much larger plan to implement a global social credit system, which would rely on the interconnectivity of thousands of databases, which Oracle offered to do in 2002, for free. Learn more.

3 Who is most likely to go to jail for their role in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci — whose expertise has been held as indisputable by mainstream media since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — is now facing mounting scrutiny and critique as correspondence obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals he’s lied both to the public and the U.S. Senate on a number of issues. Emails show Fauci helped cover up the lab origin theory and has lied about masks and the need for vaccination when you’ve already recovered from COVID-19. Learn more.

Donald Trump

Deborah Birx

Andrew Cuomo

4 Which of the following allowed the global technocratic elite to create the greatest hoax — the COVID-19 pandemic — the world has ever seen?

The WHO revised the definition of “pandemic,” removing mention of severe death toll

Using a PCR test that cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and reproductive ones, and blaming infectious spread on asymptomatic carriers

Censoring science and truth

All of the above

A series of tactics, starting with the redefinition of pandemic, followed by the misuse of already flawed PCR tests, blaming infectious spread on asymptomatic carriers and censoring truth, allowed the global technocratic elite. Learn more.

5 How is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention falsely suppressing the number of breakthrough COVID-19 cases among fully vaccinated individuals, thereby making COVID-19 vaccines appear more effective than they really are?

CDC raised the cycle threshold for the PCR test from 28 to 40, thereby minimizing false positives

CDC lowered the cycle threshold for the PCR test from 40 to 28, and no longer records mild or asymptomatic infections as “COVID cases” when the patient is fully vaccinated

As millions of Americans have been “vaccinated” against COVID-19, the CDC is lowering the CT from 40 to 28, but only when diagnosing vaccine breakthrough cases. The CDC also will no longer record mild or asymptomatic infections as “COVID cases.” The only cases that now count as COVID cases — if the patient has been vaccinated — are those that result in hospitalization or death. Learn more.

CDC is not accepting reports of cases where fully vaccinated individuals contract COVID-19

CDC does not include vaccination status in COVID-19 reports

6 No safety studies have been conducted on the universal masking of healthy children, but evidence suggests the practice may result in:

Fewer flu cases among children

Safer schools for children and teachers

Physical, psychological and behavioral adverse effects

Masking, social distancing and virtual schooling persisted nonetheless, even as experts sounded the alarm about their probable implications, including physical, psychological and behavioral adverse effects. Learn more.

Benefits to the communities surrounding schools

7 The lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals is a strategy to:

Reduce mask pollution, which is now threatening the green agenda

Prevent COVID-19 deaths

Get kids back to school

Coerce compliance with vaccination

The lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals is a strategy to coerce compliance with vaccination. Being coerced into compliance in order to “regain” basic human freedom is no freedom at all. Learn more.